Like work gloves on hands your prayers help protect us.  Your gracious contributions both enable us to go and remind us to be diligent stewards of resources.  Your interest in our lives humbles us.  We are confident that it is not the Taylors working alone, but the Body of Christ seeking to redeem the lost, to minister to the needy, and to bring peace that defies understanding.  To God alone be the glory.

Will you pray?

  • We have already experienced the prayers of those who send us.  Will you join our prayer support team?
  • Stay informed!  Keeping up to date on our journey and the Lord at work in Africa will add fuel to your prayers for us.  Sign up to receive this blog and our quarterly newsletters.  You can also “friend” us on Facebook.  We are greatly encouraged by those who follow us!
Rob and Jennifer on Facebook

Will you give?

As many missionaries do, we raise all of our own support.  We do not have an organization that pays us, nor do we have any opportunity to earn money while serving.  Your support is deeply appreciated and we truly believe that your sacrificial gift is as much an act of service as what we do in the field.


Will you partner?

Small Groups – We are seeking your partnership!  We have found that small groups who pray corporately are a powerful tool!  Please join our team…zip us an email or contact us through this blog and we will get you on the list to receive special requests and updates to share during your meeting time.  Thank you small groups who are already walking this journey with us!

Churches – We need your support.  You offer the venue to help us share the good news of what God is doing in Africa. Will you consider how you might support this ministry through mission moments, meet and greet events, sharing God’s vision with the congregation, and financial commitment?  We are amazed at what a large impact our partner churches have on our ability to share with others and gather momentum. Praise God for our partner churches!


2 thoughts on “Connect

  1. Hi Guys!

    Hope you are all doing well. I enjoyed very much seeing you all around Christmas! It’s great to see this blog so I can stay up-to-date with your adventures. Maybe consider having someone special by to document some of your amazing work. It would be my pleasure to contribute in any way possible. All the best and I hope to hear from you all again soon. Send the kids my love…



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