Moving In

We’re here!

In fact, it was just over one month ago that we landed in Lusaka, Zambia.

We are “resurfacing”.  Here is an update…

  • Travel was remarkably smooth and uneventful.  We arrived on-time, without a hitch, and with all of our luggage.
  • Wafuka met us at the airport and he and his wife Lily have made us feel totally welcomed and have helped us in every way.
  • We immediately began the house hunt.  Found a beautiful home in Southern Lusaka, but it would have consumed our entire housing budget and would have been more than 30 minutes drive to the ministry site.  We opted instead for a “charIMG_3430ming” home right in Kafue.  The price is right and is just a short walk from Wafuka and Lily.  But…let’s just say it needs some work.  The landlord agreed to install a hot-water heater (err…warm) and we have been busy painting/repairing/cleaning.  It is slow progress and the little achievements are exciting!  Just the other day Rob installed a new “normal” kitchen faucet so we can at least have hot (err…warm) water on both sides of the sink!  We celebrated!
  • We found a car.  It is a Toyota Hiace van.  It is a bit old (2000) but the milage is low and Rob gave it a thorough look.  (He really knows cars).  We were entirely blessed by Wafuka’s brother, who loaned us his van for over 2 weeks as we made our way through shopping for our own car.  Without his help, getting this far in our settling in would have been next to impossible so we are very thankful for his help.
  • And…. the best news…. we are all together.  We have had Matthew and Luke with us this entire time and it has been THE BEST to be able to count to six again!
  • Everyone is adjusting well.  Rob and I are very excited to get more involved with the ministry and to continue to get to know Wafuka and Lily.  All 3 boys are looking forward to school at the beginning of September, especially Will, who is attending for the first time.  Matthew is sitting next to me as I write, working on college applications, and Rachael is already at work making new friends.  She has her sights on 2 girls, both her age.

Whew!  Transition is hard work!  I have to say that this time, coming to Africa, has been much more exhausting and demanding.  We experienced in our last move, a “cushion” of support while moving to Africa by having the time and space in South Africa with friends for about a month (thank you Derrs!), which allowed us to get home-set up and car in order (mostly) before we moved to Swaziland.  That was helpful.  Really helpful.

Moving to Zambia gave us the “opportunity” to start from scratch.  Thank God Wafuka and Lily were here to help us!  Thank God…

Just so you know, I have learned the art of bucket bathing.  I’ve also learned to make sure I have had my “shucket” (a cross between a shower and a bucket) and do any laundry before 9 am, because some time thereafter, the city water is turned off for the day.  I am amused by the paradox of showphoto 1ering with a bucket (shucketing) and still using my blow dryer….

And no… I do not normally drink iced tea when I shucket, I just set my cup down to snap a photo.  And yes, that would be a giant-sized soaking tub in avocado gold (without a hot water heater??)  Check the curtains.


Rob has learned the art of painting in Zambia.  When they say that you should take all of your cans of paint and mix them together in a 5 gallon bucket, it is not a suggestion.  It is mandatory… lest you end up with multiple colors of paint on your walls.

That message would apply to
IMG_0427sheen also.  Might as will mix all those together too because the paint cans aren’t labeled.

And as crazy as things sometimes seem and as ridiculous as some of the curve balls thrown at you can be, we love it.  We love being here.  We love the challenge of making everyday life work despite the challenges.  We love the people we get the privilege to work with, and we love the opportunities to see God at work in this place.

We have already been meeting the staff and students at the Teen Challenge center and Rob has been to the ICBC site to begin the process of planning out the locations for buildings and to start foundation work.

We received a team of visitors for an afternoon!  A large team of Korean visitors came to see the Teen Challenge program and learn about the ICBC ministry.  Wafuka spoke to them about the work and Lily translated.  It was fun to have people visit and we were thrilled to see their enthusiasm for what God is doing here in Kafue.

Under the Baobab Tree, the future site of the church, pastor's home and preschool!

Under the Baobab Tree, the future site of the church, pastor’s home and preschool!

Next up… find a language helper and get to know the boys at Teen Challenge.  Rob will become more involved with construction.  Can’t wait to get started!

We’ve been taking pictures along the way.  Take a look at the “Snap Shots” page and there you will find 2 new links to photo folders titled, “Move to Zambia July 2014” and “Zambia August 2014.”  Hope you enjoy seeing what we see!

I also want to invite you to find us on Facebook.  It is an easy way for us to give “little” updates, with an occasional photo or comment.  I guarantee you will find Rob’s humor there.

Rob’s Facebook page        Jennifer’s Facebook page

Please continue to pray for us, stay informed, and participate in this ministry with us.  We are not here on our own.  And stay in touch!  We love hearing from you!

With Much Joy,



6 thoughts on “Moving In

  1. Rob and Jennifer,
    Thank you for explorring God great kingdom arounf the world. You guys are
    a great insperation for many people. Thanks for going out on the limb and sharing your ups and downs/ins and outs of your adventure in this portion of your lives. Wow, its so great your children get to experince this with you (even tho at times they may shake their heads at it all)
    What an impact this will leave for them and generations to come in your family…the stories they will get to share!!!!!
    My cousion is in New Guinee ..they are working daily on translating the local dieilects (spelling off a bit) into the bible..what a job..whoo!
    Hey thanks for the updates! and love that bathing idea!
    Pete and Steph F.


  2. Yah!! Love reading the updates. LOVE the paint job and that there’s a name to bucket bathing. I always called it bird-bathing. Lol. We JUST got hot water in our outdoor shower. Luxuries. 😉 glad y’all are loving the adventure and have eager help and friendship offered in Lily and Watfuka. Praise God!! Many hugs & much love. Thanks for taking time to share.


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