Progress Report

We are in Colorado now.

After a fantastic show of support at the “Taylor Lunch,” we spent our last few days in Gig Harbor visiting friends and packing our things.  This process is always bitter-sweet… the tension between not wanting to leave and can’t get there soon enough.

An especially bitter-sweet moment was the moment of life-changing decision for us.  Rob signed on the dotted line.  He is no longer a firefighter.  It is official.  We are missionaries for keeps and there is no turning back now.  And like any difficult decision, the toughest part is the process of deciding.  There is actually a sense of relief once it is done.  Ever had to make a big, life-changing decision?  Some decisions can torment you until you are willing to let go and just decide.  Ahhhh… the letting go.  Seems that there is freedom on the other side of everything… as long as we just let go.

If you know Rob, then you also know that he LOVED his job, and not only did he think it was the greatest job ever, he also loved the guys he worked with.  When they talk about a “brotherhood” among firefighters, it is the real deal.  It was not a small decision, or easy, but now that the decision is made, we somehow feel lighter… ready to go… looking forward to what God has in store for us in Zambia.  I think in some ways having to face the choice between a job you love and the unknowns of missionary work solidifies one’s sense of calling.  Seriously… who on earth would give up a great job they love for… for who-knows-what-lies-ahead?  Only the called.  (or crazy!)

Back to our arrival in Colorado… The Taylor tribe arrived either by car or plane as planned, though you ought to ask Rob sometime about his adventures en route, and now that we are here and sitting still for more than a couple minutes, I thought I’d take a moment and fill you all in on our progress.

The Taylor lunch was a success!  Thanks to the help and leadership of many friends photo-1(thanks Jackie!), it was a full house and what a joy it was to share with everyone about the work of ICBC and Teen Challenge.  For those of you who could not make it, I hope you will take the time (13 min) to watch this video.  Just so you know, the really professional videos were done by Christian Life Center in Dayton, OH. The really home-spun videos were done by us on our phones, but… it describes the ministry well and it will give you a clear picture of what we will be doing.  You will have an opportunity to hear about how this ministry is already at work in Swaziland and join us in bringing this God-sized, God-inspired dream to reality in Zambia.  PLEASE watch.

Rob and Jennifer share on Vimeo

And for the news you ware all waiting for… how are you doing, Rob and Jen?  How much support have you raised?  How much more do you need?  What percentage are you at? Did the fundraiser help?

We raised an additional $600 in monthly pledges and $1,000 in one-time gifts!  Thank you Chapel Hill for your support, your giving has bumped us up to:

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 12.20.48 PM

That number could be higher.  Occasionally folks send in gifts and don’t indicate if it is monthly, ongoing giving or a one-time gift, so… we could actually be as high as 78%!  That would be amazing!  Stay tuned…

Our goal still remains to get to Zambia in May, but as each day passes it becomes more likely that our moving day will be bumped into June.  That said, we have not given up on our May dream yet.  You can help us get there by pledging now.  If we can gain the 22-26% we need on a monthly basis and collect the resources needed for our outgoing expenses over the next few weeks, its doable.

So, if you are waiting to jump on board, please do so now (or let us know your intentions so we can mark you as a pledge).

We hope that you watched the video and it has inspired you to take part.  One of the really great things about joining us in this ministry now is the timing.  Watching this project grow from the beginning will encourage you and before you know it, we will ALL be dreaming big dreams for rural Africa.

Click the “GIVE NOW” button below and it will take you to our sending agency, The Antioch Partners.

In hopeful anticipation of 100%, Jennifer

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 1.00.27 PM


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