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I was thinking about the fact that it is a new year.  I really can’t believe it is 2013, but we are here, and like everybody else, I think about what the year was in 2012 and what I hope it to be in 2013.  This prompted me to look back over the past blog posts.  Once I got over the initial shock of noting that may last entry was in September, I headed straight for the post with the New Year’s Goals for 2012.  (Check out Dec 2012 in the archives).  Here is a copy of what I wrote a little over a year ago….

“Jennifer’s goals for 2012:

  • Health:  1. Go to bed on time. 2. Get exercise. 3. Eat well, OK…I already eat good food, but maybe I should eat less. 4. Go to bed on time.
  • Productivity:  I am good at making lists, just not always good at checking things off the list…. the goal: work when it is time to work, rest when it is time to rest.
  • Spiritual:  I do have quiet time in the morning where I study my Bible and write in my journal.  I don’t dedicate a lot of time to prayer (did I just admit that?  Does it disqualify me as a missionary? Anyone else in the same boat?)  My goal for the New Year is more effective prayer.
  • Family:  Spend more time in fun and play.  The kids need that.”

Before I spell out how I have completely failed at my own goals, I need to remind us both that I have been through a major life change… new culture included.

I can say that I do go to bed earlier…though I question if it is early enough, and I do eat less, though the quality is often questionable!

And for what it is worth, I do still maintain this list as “goals.”  Maybe even forever goals because much of this list, I believe, is critical to general health, balance and well-being.  But… for now, I can’t seem to fit it in.  I mean really… I just can’t fit it in.

It dons on me as I consider this list how very “first-world” it is.  Being surrounded by a third-world context gives me glimpse into the everyday lives of people who have very different concerns from me.  Me… thoughts for a better, more “balanced” life.  Them… thoughts on survival and basic need.

So perhaps my “failure” at finding time to exercise, have quiet time, or spend time with the kids is wrought out of my new “third world” reality.  (Using an analogy here.)  During this season of complete change and attempting to work in a place where many things just plain don’t work, I find myself thinking in “third-world” terms.  Survival.  

I trust that as we continue to settle in and find ways to make time, these things will return to me and I can focus on goals that include balance and rest, but for this season of our journey I aim to keep it simple.  I have just one goal for 2013:

Jennifer’s Goals for 2013:

  • Relationships:  To write (blog) more often.

So… as I get back in the saddle, my goal is for you to hear from me more often.

If you would like to learn more about how you can participate in this ministry, click on the “Connect” tab and you can contact us or link to our sending agency, The Antioch Partners.  Come join the fun!

I also uploaded more photos to our Picasa spot.  Go to the tab called “Snap Shots” and click on the link there.  Enjoy!

Love, Jennifer


4 thoughts on “Just Blog It

  1. Hi Rob & Jennifer….I know the blog must be difficult to keep up….but we love to share your journey with you….and it reminds me to pray for you!! It is always organized chaos here too….but that is the season we are in….and it is flying by as I try to enjoy it and make the most of the time while all of us are under this roof, walking out real life together as we seek to honor Christ and enjoy our relationship with HIM and each other…..
    JOY to you,
    Anne (& Dan, Bennett, Baylee, Abby)


    • Thank you, Wainwrights, for praying. Your prayers are so appreciated! And thank you for keeping up, even when I fail to do so. We appreciate that too. And most of all… thanks for ministering to me… keeping me mindful that my first and foremost calling is to the people the Lord has placed nearest to me…my family.


  2. Jennifer, it’s good to read about your experiences and how they are changing your perspective. I really appreciate the time you take to write blog posts. However, having said that . . .if Jesus wants you interacting with people right where you are, and you don’t have time to post . . .then don’t worry about it. I’ll keep praying for you and your family anyway.


    • Thanks for the encouragement Tyrean! Your words remind me to keep some perspective. The struggle for me is that as much as I aim to serve here, I also have ties to home that are near and dear to my heart. It is surprising, really, what a challenge it can be to stay in touch with people at home, even with all the technology! So… I am resolved! I must keep writing!!


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