…percent that is.  Yes!  We are at 97%.  It is clear that we are going to make it to the finish line!

And… we have tickets!  Our flights leave Denver on May 9.  We have a 9 hour layover in London (yes, we will be checking out the town) and we arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa where we will stay with the Derr family for 2 weeks.  Sometime around May 25 Peter and Mary Jean will be ready for us and we will make our way into Swaziland!

Now we are in the throws of packing, sorting, organizing and storing…again.  This time it is for real.  We have just over two weeks to get it all in order because on April 28 Rob and I will fly out to California to visit with the churches we met on our way out to Colorado.  It is a huge gift to be able to make this trip before we go and we are really excited about it.  When we return on May 2nd, my dad will come for a visit (YAY Dad!) and then we have just about a week before we go.

What I don’t want to have is the chaos of getting ready dragging on up to the last day.

I visualize our last days here going a little like this…. Having lunches with friends and family, visiting favorite spots, having really great coffee and real Mexican food…. taking some pictures, visiting more people, making phone calls…not for raising support, but just to tell someone I love them.

Like slow food, only slow “leaving.”

Part of the underlying truth here is, I am getting sick and tired of dealing with our stuff.  I’ve been on a perpetual ‘pack and sort ride’ and I am done.  I cannot wait until we have a dresser and a closet again.  I want to burn my suitcase…. a little ironic for someone about to embark on a missionary lifestyle!

Allow me to give you a feel for what I mean….

This is my office.  All of the office supplies are in crates and boxes, including our important papers.  I use a plastic tub as a place to set my computer.

Here you have a large, flat space.  if you have kids you know what I am talking about.  It is the place in the home that catches all the junk you don’t know what to do with.  Unfortunately for us, that is everything.

And here we have our clothing…in bins.  There is a bit of space in the closet with a handful of hangers and a couple of drawers for Rob and I, but for the most part we all live out of tubs and suitcases…an organizational nightmare for the kids!

And this has been going on since Feb. 2.

OK… so we are super thankful for where we are.  We absolutely without a doubt have the best arrangement possible.  I LOVE the fact that we can stay here and am so blessed to realize that we can stay until we are ready for Swaziland.

I guess you could say I am just plain ready to have a home again… and a dresser.

My mom came over the other day and commented on how nice our digs were.  She was telling me that when I said we were staying in a basement, she had this vision of all 6 of us crammed into a dark, dreary, cold place.  She was really surprised to see how nice it is.  It got me thinking… does everyone else think we are suffering down here?  I decided I’d better post some pictures so you can see for yourself how nice it is.

We have a kitchen, modest living space, a bathroom and two bedrooms.

It is a basement apartment, but you must think in terms of a walk-out basement.  There is a ton of light and we have access to the back yard…. which leads to trails galore.




Here is another shot from the back deck when we had a dusting of snow…. beautiful!

We are not suffering.  At least not yet… I hear that sometimes missionaries have it rough…

So I want to spend our last week In the States, enjoying the States.  Enjoying the benefits of living here, where life is relatively easy, comfortable, and carefree.  Where Mexican food is plentiful (and we are in the right state for that) and I can run to the grocery store for anything I need… and want.  I want to spend time with people, and my kids.  I’m pretty sure I won’t want to spend time with them on the 22 hour flight, but I do want to spend time with them right now while we are still here…doing things that won’t be so available in Africa.

And I don’t want to spend my time packing and sorting.

You can pray for me on that one.  I am queen of procrastination when it comes to stuff that overwhelms me, and something tells me I am going to be overwhelmed when it comes to saying goodbye.

Love, Jennifer


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