What we did this week

We had heard that the weather around here was going to be absolutely gorgeous… warm, dry, and windy (we can’t forget windy because it can get pretty windy in Colorado) so we thought it would be a great opportunity to get out and enjoy it to the fullest.  The boys of course felt the skate park should be at the top of the list.

We ventured over to Clement Park, which is a HUGE park with a lake, half a dozen playgrounds, the skate park, courts, ball fields… one could get lost there.  We didn’t get lost, but a sweater sure did.  Bummer that it was brand “just cut the tag off” new.  I’m not going to mention who it belonged to.

We learned that it is best to take our kids to the skate park before certain hours on certain days.  Let’s just say that you can be uncertain about what kind of language you might hear ….

The playground is where you will find Rachael.  This girl plays hard and is an instant friend to who ever she kind find.  

We all needed to get out into the sun and fresh air.  We do an awful lot of emailing, phone calls, thank you notes and…. Raising support keeps us busy and the kids (and us) just need to get out.

The following day we were back at it with the raising support.  Many of our prayers were answered that day…We reached beyond 90%!  The folks at the sending agency (The Antioch Partners…link on the right) have begun the process along with our mission partner (African Leadership Partners…link on the right) to determine our flight date.  Did you catch that?  We are looking at flight dates!

This is motivating.  I think we are on fire now to get a hold of that last 10%.  We are counting the minutes until we receive the next report.

Friday came around and as it turns out, was supposed to have even better weather than the day we spent at the park.  This called for some mountain action.  Rob’s family has ties to Conifer, Colorado.  They have had this piece of property in the family for years and spent countless weekends, summers, campouts, birthdays and whatnot on this property.  You could say the Rob Taylor siblings grew up hanging on this piece of property.  It has since been sold.  Visiting the property was on Rob’s “bucket list before we go.”  Guess what we did Friday?

We weren’t actually supposed to be there.  It is, after all, private property.  Rob convinced me that we weren’t going to be thrown in jail and so I was willing to get out of the car.  I’m glad he did.

It was beautiful, and for the most part, it was left just as Rob remembered it.

We all decided to climb the “mountain” on the property…which offered some stunning views.

and great shots along the way.  If you are “my friend” on Facebook, you had the privilege of seeing a different take on this shot.  Yes… there is always one.  If you are not “my friend” on Facebook… Why not?  Friend me!  The link is on the right…  Better use the link.  With a common name like “Jennifer” plus a common last name like “Taylor,” my name is way too common to do a search.

Anyway, we kept climbing.  We were almost to the top and at some point I determined that I might die of a heart attack.  I was not the only one with sustained injuries.  Luke slipped. (OK…just think for a moment about the phrase “slipped” while on the side of a mountain…) He hit his head on a stick.  Believe it or not we had to pull out a sizable chunk of wood from his head.

Look where he is sitting.  Can you imagine your kid “slipping?”  Forget the wood chunk in his head…

(PS… no stitches required.  A simple pull with a set of tweezers was all that was required.)

All that effort was worth it.  The views from up top are amazing.

Too bad I didn’t get to see them because I was down below experiencing a heart attack.

All in all it was a great day…. fabulous day!

The next day, Saturday, we trucked on down to Castle Rock to babysit the cousins.  Dave and Michelle were off to a well-deserved, long-overdue break.  But before we go into the weekend with 8 kids…

We spent some time with Rob’s brother Scott and his wife Jennifer.  A long-overdue visit.  We had dinner, shot the breeze, re-connected, and somehow… beyond anybody’s control… got sucked into watching “Que Viva.”  Not a single one of us watches “Que Viva,” nor do any of us really have any respect for such a show.  I admit though, we were all captivated by the Peruvian dance team.  I still stand by my belief that a nail through the tongue is just plain wrong.

Thanks, Scott and Jennifer, for having us… for serving up a mean salad… and, well… for just being great people.

We’ve always known Scott to be a great cook.

We’re going to miss family….

Back in Castle Rock I had the good pleasure of waking to the most stunning sunrise…

Wow… sometimes you just don’t have the words to describe God’s creation.  Stunning.

And you wouldn’t believe how much fun the kids had.  I think they were indoors for about 2 of the 72 hours we were there.  They filled water bottles in the morning, packed snacks and headed out to the field behind Dave and Michelle’s place.  We didn’t hardly see them.  Except meal times of course…. We made individual pizzas for the kids and cooked them outside on the grill.  A big hit.  They (all but 2) slept on the trampoline… it was one big mass of sleeping bags and pillows.  I got up in the morning and actually wondered if there were any kids in there.  Yup.  They escaped one by one.  After all…it was breakfast.

No doubt these kids love each other.

We are going to miss family!

Love, Jennifer


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