Many Hands Make Light Work

You know we’re moving, right?  I’ve been posting about home sales and preparing for Swaziland, but every once in a while the realization hits me that we’re moving.  In about 5 weeks, or 34 days (who’s counting?) We will have all of our worldly possessions neatly tucked into roughly 20 containers (plus a few going into storage) and we will begin our journey to Swaziland via Disneyland.  Oh…did I mention that part?  Yes!  We’re going to Disneyland!  With this busy, crazy, focused and determined schedule Rob and I have kept while raising support, selling the home, and packing, (oh yeah…the whole part about keeping the house perfect for showings) the kids have really been troopers.  We will take 2 very needed family days to reconnect, relax and “unplug” from all that we’ve had to do in the last months.  So excited!  Read more about our trip to California below.

Back to moving… All that we own needs to go to one of 3 places: 1. On the airplane to Swaziland, 2. In storage in Colorado (Don’t panic Michelle….we’re keeping it to a minimum) or, 3. Circular file.  I think I mentioned before that I find myself in “sort” mode often.

What mom can resist stuff like this?

I am a sucker for my kids’ darling artistic endeavors.  Of course Matthew will probably croak when he sees I’ve posted childhood drawings for the universe to see, but I’m his mom and I can show off his masterpieces without notice.  I just had to post a picture…this stuff is so darned adorable.

There are a couple different types of movers.  I am sure you all have had the experience of showing up at a friend’s house to help them move only to learn that nothing is ready and you are the only one there to help.  The nightmare.  You learn right away that you are stuck in the 18 hour move…packing, hauling, lifting, exhausting…ugh.  It’s in those moments you question your friendship.  Thankfully moving day is a temporary situation.  The other type of mover is the one who has everything boxed and 20 of their closest friends armed and ready to go.  Moving an entire household only takes a few hours. They serve pizza and sodas for lunch, you laugh with your 20 new best friends and you decide you’d love to help anytime.  Moving is the perfect example for learning that many hands make light work.

This time, we don’t actually need help moving.  Honestly, we will have so few things that our family is enough of a moving crew.  We may ask friends for help along the way, (and believe me, we have plenty of ideas how you can help) but for the most part moving this time requires the thoughtful art of sorting through special items and deciding what to store.

So how can we use many hands?

Will you consider contributing financially?  Rob and I have a goal to raise up 100 donors who are willing to contribute $25 a month.  We are calling it our 25 campaign.  100 donors, 25 bucks.  Can you do it?  And why $25?

  • It’s affordable – Most families can contribute $25 a month without even feeling it in their budget.  It’s like going to Starbuck’s once a week.
  • It’s sustainable – Not only is it easy to accommodate in the budget, but if God affirms a  longer call for us, it will be doable to commit into the future.
  • Many hands make light work – If you are a donor, being one of 100 who share $25 is easier on your budget than being one of 25 donors who share $100.

Of course any amount is a blessing to us, and honestly, we are amazed at the number of people who are contributing in a sacrificial way to this ministry, but if you are still deciding, will you help us by becoming one of the 100 people who share of their finances to send us to Swaziland?

There is a link to the right that takes you directly to the giving page for our sending agency, but just in case you don’t want to look there, I’ll post a link right in the middle of the page so you can’t miss it:

And while you are at it, you can “friend” us on Facebook, look at photos and videos.  It’s all to the right.

Back to Disneyland.  There are beaches and there are mountains to visit in Africa.  We can certainly make a family vacation happen there, but let’s face it, there’s only one Disneyland.  Rob and I decided we would give Disney to the kids for Christmas.  I think we’ve planned this trip 100 times already.  Plans keep changing and Rob and I are overwhelmed by God’s grace for us as we make our way to Swaziland.  As it turns out, Disneyland is very close to some supporting friends we’d like to visit and it is also next to a church that has graciously opened its doors to us.  We will be sharing about Swaziland at Riverview Community Church in Santee, CA on February 5.  Thanks Pastor Todd!  Then we learned that our good friend has a brother who pastors a church near L.A.  We spoke to him last night and he is excited about having us.  And another church is just north of L.A.  Who knew that there are so many churches with people we know right around Disneyland?  We are so thankful for these opportunities and give God the glory for His gift of these relationships.  We couldn’t have orchestrated this one on our own…pray that we are well-received!

The New Year.  I am writing this on the last day of 2011.  Isn’t it weird to think next year we will be celebrating the same moment in time 10 hours apart?  As I sit here in my comfy chair all cuddled up with good coffee, blueberries in my granola, and all the internet I want, I can’t help but wonder what next year will bring.  We are so excited and I personally thrive with change, so I know that the first year will bring adventure, purpose and challenge; all things that I look forward to, but what about the second year?  When the dust settles and the honeymoon is over, will I still sense purpose?  Isn’t that what drives us all…having purpose?  I pray that for all of us, we take time to seek the Lord in the coming year and find our purpose; that we each sense His calling on our lives and have the courage to follow it.

I did think, however, that having some measurable goals might be a healthy approach to the New Year.  Anyone else?  Of course now mine will be public information.  I’m not so sure I will appreciate the fact that I posted my goals publicly when October rolls around!  Here you go…

Jennifer’s goals for 2012:

  • Health:  1. Go to bed on time. 2. Get exercise. 3. Eat well, OK…I already eat good food, but maybe I should eat less. 4. Go to bed on time.
  • Productivity:  I am good at making lists, just not always good at checking things off the list…. the goal: work when it is time to work, rest when it is time to rest.
  • Spiritual:  I do have quiet time in the morning where I study my Bible and write in my journal.  I don’t dedicate a lot of time to prayer (did I just admit that?  Does it disqualify me as a missionary? Anyone else in the same boat?)  My goal for the New Year is more effective prayer.
  • Family:  Spend more time in fun and play.  The kids need that.

What about you?  What are your goals this year?  I’ll let you know next week how I did with getting to bed!

Love, Jennifer


2 thoughts on “Many Hands Make Light Work

  1. I’m so excited for all of you! Disneyland is a really fun place, and I’m sure that Africa is going to be amazing, in every way possible, because God blesses the feet (and hearts) of those who bring his good news!
    Goals for 2012 – too many overall but 1. Better health – exercise, diet. 2. Stay in God’s word every day. 3. Polish one of my novels and get it published. 4. Listen to God’s guidance. 5. Live life fully with my family.


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