Christmas at the Taylors

Rob worked on Christmas Eve.  Usually, when he works for a major holiday like Christmas, we try and get over to the station for a visit.  There are some benefits:

Such as a ride in the fire-truck!  Yes, Rob took us for a ride around the parking lot of the fire-station.  The thing is  , if you are going for a ride, and you don’t actually put on the bunker gear they store in their seat on the truck, it gets tight.  Honestly, I felt like a sardine jammed in with all their gear.  I cried uncle when Rob pointed out the big button on the floor and said, “Whatever you do, don’t step on it … under no circumstances can you step on the big button.”  Of course the big button was the only floor space left.

I didn’t tell him that I stepped on it.  I just didn’t step hard enough to make the alarm go off.

I know all the firefighters who are reading this are laughing at me (or at Rob) right now.  If you want to laugh at our family even more, I’ll be uploading video of this event on youtube.  The link to our spot on youtube is to the right.

One of the great things about visiting the firestation is we get to take photos of the kids on the front bumper, a tradition of ours.


It is a good thing we took these shots early because it wasn’t long before there was an emergency.  I suppose that’s the risk you take when you try and celebrate Christmas at the fire station.  We were there for a few hours.  Rob wasn’t.  I think he was there for 30 minutes.  I’m kind of into that though… there’s something really great about being married to a hero.

Love, Jennifer

PS.  We sold the home!  Officially, dry ink and all!  We also only have about 6 weeks left before we head to Colorado for missionary training and some much needed time with family.  Once that is done, if we are 100% funded, we will be on our way to Swaziland!

Our goals right now are to bring other churches on board and to gather monthly supporters.  Won’t you consider contributing on a monthly basis?  If you attend a church other than Chapel Hill, will you think about inviting us?

Thanks again for your involvement in what God is doing in Swaziland.  As Rob so rightly says, “You are sending this family to help kids in Swaziland without a family.”


One thought on “Christmas at the Taylors

  1. Jennifer, this was your best blog so far. I really enjoyed it and the pictures of the kids as I am trying to print them out now.


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