We’ve got business to attend to….

It’s probably about time I used this space to catch you up on our progress.  Of course the giant question of all time is, “When?” and we don’t have that answer, but I can let you in on some of the other details.

  • The House:  Our home is under contract and due to close on Oct. 12.  This is all great news.  (Thank you Kimberly – the best Realtor EVER – We love you!)  For those of you who don’t own a septic, be thankful.  We just found out ours needs to be replaced.  Ouch.  For us this means we break even on the house.  We walk free and clear, no debts anywhere, but we also walk with no cash.  I get it that we are among the lucky in that regard but we had hopes for a little bit of green!
  • The Money:  The account is growing!  Thanks to all of you and your generous gifts we are making progress.  We figure we are at about 40% for our outgoing expenses and about 15% for our monthly stipend support.  We do have a big party coming up this Friday to raise funds.  Join us!  It will be loads of fun with the Shy Boys in concert.
  • The Nitty Gritty:  The thing with giving details in this situation is it tends to lead to more questions:  “You sold your house?  Great!  Where will you go next?”  Well, we don’t have all of those answers yet either.  I feel like the fundraiser on the 9th will tell us everything.  Here’s why….

Our mission sending agency (The Antioch Partners) has a requirement for all missionaries to attend the program at Mission Training International (MTI).  It so happens that this is located in Colorado, about 20 minutes from our old house.  (What are the odds??)  Anyway, the program is 3 to 5 weeks long, depending on if you choose to attend the language acquisition portion of the program.  Apparently, this program is awesome.  From what I understand, missionaries fall into 2 camps: those that loved their experience and those that wish they went … we are excited about it.  They even offer age-appropriate programs for all the kids.  Really cool.  Our plan all along has been to finish up here in Washington.  Sell the house, raise the support, wrap it up and go to Colorado.  Once there, we can attend the training, spend time with family and cross the pond to our new lives as missionaries.

Funny that our house is set to close on Oct. 12 because the next session at MTI begins on Oct. 17.

Do you think it is possible?  Can we get it together that quick?  OK… that would be pushing it for the Oct. 17 session, after all it is only a little over a month away, but what about the following session?  It begins Nov. 28.  Can we do it?

We have 2 things to accomplish:  Sell the home and raise the support.  We have accomplished one of those tasks and we are praying for quick delivery on the other.  I have high hopes for our party with The Shy Boys, but I also realize that the funds we raise that night will be a huge indicator of how long this process will take.  A barometer of sorts.  If it is slow, and we can’t make one of the MTI sessions this fall, we will have to wait until after the New Year.  The next session offered wouldn’t be until January, postponing our arrival in Swaziland until February.  That’s a big difference!  (and a long wait.)

So the fundraiser tells us everything.  It gives us a gauge to measure how long this thing will take.  Will we be going right after we close on the house?  Will we need to rent something for a month?  Or are we here for a bit longer and need to keep our furnture, our kitchen things, our linens and rent something for 4 months or more.

I bet you can guess what we are praying for.

Will you consider helping us with the big push for this fall?

Love, Jennifer

Oh… and stop by the Gathering Place at Chapel Hill this Sunday the 11th.  We will have a booth at the Ministry Fair… and I might just have a bowl of blueberries!




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