You know…  I have been avoiding this blog.  I shouldn’t be.  After all, I enjoy writing, and I’ve really enjoyed the blog world; reading other blogs and journaling my own thoughts.  I guess it’s a bit therapeutic.  But here, I have wrestled myself on the necessity of keeping this thing current.

I think I avoid because asking for help is hard.  We are definitely itinerant missionaries and it is clear that we cannot do this on our own.  Nor will the finances we need fall out of the sky on our behalf.  We do believe the Lord will provide for this work, but it requires our obedience to ask for partnership…your partnership.

God will provide for His work in Swaziland by stirring in the hearts of others a compassion for orphans and the rural poor in Swaziland.  We believe this wholeheartedly, but still… it is hard to ask.  Has He stirred in you?  I ask that you pray concerning your role in this ministry.  Not everyone will be a part.  We get it that God’s people are involved in all kinds of work… all of it GOOD work, so if God has asked you to partner with another ministry… Praise God!  What I am asking is, is God stirring in you a heart for this ministry?  Has He stirred in you a desire to support the Taylor Family?  To help in Swaziland?  To serve in orphan care or food security in a devastated nation?  We’d sure appreciate your prayers on this matter.

Whew!  Now that I am over the hump of not blogging, I figure I can commit to updating at least once a week.  Let’s say… on Sundays.  So check back frequently.  We’d love to keep you informed!

With Joy,  Jennifer

PS.  Don’t forget to read my first entry if you haven’t already.  And check out all the links!


2 thoughts on “Avoiding?

  1. LOVE IT! Keep it up, Jen! To go and make disciples of all nations is every believer’s call and privilage. I would encourge all who read this to ask God how they can be a part of this period. Even if it’s just praying for them or telling others who may be able to help donating. Let us be a voice to the voiceless… No one can do it alone. Let us be some of the few to speak up and act out. AMEN.


  2. I am so so excited for you guys and proud of you for having the courage to respond to the Lord’s calling on your lives. I will be praying for you all and will be asking the Lord to guide me in whatever ways I can help support you. Love you all. Crystal


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